Monsters In The Dark

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Short Story: Monsters In The Dark

As far as he knew, everyone in the city were dead. Only by the grace of God that he got out. Joe King’s heart pounded like a jack hammer. His hands shook uncontrollably as he held the only thing that gave him any sense of security, empty gun. He could still hear the ghoulish grunts out in the hallway. Joe checked himself to make sure that he wasn’t bitten. After a few minutes, his heart rate came down and he started to breathe normally. He tucked his empty gun into his jeans. The hallway still sounded like the gate way to hell. He gathered his thoughts. Zombies? That was only in movies! He saw the silhouettes of the figures pacing back and forth outside. There was no way out from the room. There was a window, but it was ten floors up from the street. He crawled slowly to the window and peeped out. It was worse out there. The monsters were everywhere, a feeding frenzy. Dozens of police helicopters hovered above the streets rescuing people on rooftops, shooting and some crashed violently onto the street and into sides of building. Joe had no idea how he can get out of this alive. He looked around the room, may be five by five metres with metal shelves. Joe gathered his thoughts and made his way to the shelf. It was maintenance room. The shelves held hammers, screwdrivers, duck tape and the like. At least he had that going for him. He picked up a hammer, cut out makeshift cardboard armour and taped them around his forearms. The more he busied himself the more he was starting to believe that he might get out of this. That’s when he made his first mistake. In the excitement of arming himself, he dropped a box of nails onto the cold concrete floor. The silhouettes stopped for few seconds. Joe’s heart stopped. Like a bad dream, dozens of them came crashing in.


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