Monster In The Dark

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Monster In The Dark

Natalie conjured up all off her strength and ran as hard as she could. She wasn’t sure she could keep it up for too long. Her heart pounded like hell as adrenaline pumped through her veins. She couldn’t see the end of the hallway. The thing was still after her, making unnatural and nasty growls as it limped its way towards her. The thought of the monster catching up to her was unthinkable. Exhausted, Natalie desperately tried to open the doors to either side of her. They were all locked. Natalie didn’t dare turn around to look at the creature. She could feel it getting closer. She had no idea how she got here but all she was focussed on was getting out. The last thing she recalled was getting on the train to get to work. She lost all notion of time in this endless maze. She wasn’t sure if she’s been here for few minutes, hours or days. The freakish looking creature was running on all four legs and relentlessly following her. The hallway suddenly came to an end with a door at the end. Natalie prayed to God that it wasn’t locked.

She quickly turned to look at where the creature was. She had seconds. Natalie clenched her eyes shut and turned the doorknob. It was unlocked.

Natalie snapped the door opened, ran through it and slammed it shut. The thing banged on the thick wooden door violently. At least she was out of trouble for now she thought. She took a moment to get her breath back and looked around. It was a large hall with a big glass door looking out to a green garden. She cautiously opened the door. The fresh cool air soothed her. The creature stopped banging on the door.

Natalie walked out onto the green garden. It was a sort of garden that she’s seen in magazines. It was beautiful with a large fountain in the middle with a statue of an angel. Natalie walked pass the fountain and looked around. There were hills with houses, in all directions. It might take an hour to walk there, but maybe they could help me she thought. Finally, she was hopeful that things will be right.

Now, she needed to get out of this nightmarish mansion. She spent some ten minutes looking for the exit, there must be one she said to herself, as she was getting frustrated. There was no way she was going to scale up the fifteen-foot wall. Natalie let out a sigh of defeat when she saw the gate wide open. Without hesitating for one more second, she ran through the open gate.

Outside was a street that she didn’t recognise. She was just glad to be out of that horror house.

The next few moments was something that she didn’t see coming. The sun set in few seconds. She was sure that it was mid-morning. The street went pitch black as if someone erased it out of her vision and went totally blank. Natalie tried to keep her sanity together but it was too much to handle. She passed out.

Natalie wasn’t sure for how long she blacked out for but eventually she came around. Exhausted beyond her limit, Natalie finally opened her eyes and stood up. She was back in the endless hallway with the creature looking straight at her.


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