Midnight Grave Run

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Midnight Grave Run

12:02 AM

It started about a month ago. Fresh graves around the world have been dug up with the newly departed ravaged and appearing to have been clawed and eaten. The talk of ghouls and zombies began to circulate the online community immediately. Youtubers and Tik Tokers flocked to their nearest cemeteries to “investigate” the latest phenomena. We were no different. We were in the business of monetising attention. So, we got to work. It was a three-crew member operation. We drove to St Michael’s our go to cemetery when we’re out of ideas. I gotta say, St Michael’s is quite a pretty cemetery. It appeared in numerous movies and YouTube videos. Amanda, our in-house medium was falling a sleep in the back seat. We just wrapped up shooting in Scotland for the series “Secret Catacombs Of Edinburgh” when this grave digging stuff began. We had booked a holiday to Hawaii but when you’re a online ghost hunter with twenty million followers you have to do what you have to do.

Mark, our gear guy pulled into the carpark and turned the SUV off. I checked my camera and made sure I have three more batteries in my fanny pack. Mark was a trooper, he got out without hesitating and got his back pack out of the trunk. Amanda was still sleeping.

“It’s go time Mandy” I said

“She got up”

She was a proper medium. I truly believe that she can actually see and talk to the dead. There were few times when I shit my pants at her interaction with the spirits. She took a sip of energy drink and dragged herself out of the back seat. I never got used to the graveyard at night, especially at midnight. Mark picked up his camera and started shotting. He made my videos cinematic as fuck. In the two years I’ve had him in my team, he was approached by numerous major film studios for gigs. I’m glad that he was still in my crew.

Mark started filming B-rolls.

It was pitch black in the graveyard, except for our spotlights. I looked at Amanda to see if she can sense anything. She seemed like her sleepy self when she suddenly said “this way guys”

The shit was getting real from get go.

Mark followed us from behind. I was starting to get a little scared. Amada got into her trance like state like back in Scotland. I really wished I brought a weapon. She picked up her pace. Mark didn’t miss a shot.

“Turn the lights off!” Amanda whispered forcefully.

Immediately Mark turned his lights off. It took a moment to adjust to the dark and within a minute a could see what was in front of me. There it was. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was literally a ghoul, a large muscular human-like creature was digging the ground like it was nothing. It was gruntling like no animal I’ve ever encountered. Also, the stench was unbearable, like rotting meat. I was starting to get worried. Luckily, that thing wasn’t aware of our presence. Mark kept on filming. His camera suddenly made a beeping sound. That’s when my heart dropped.

That thing looked straight at us and leapt.



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