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The Oscar for Best Actor goes to… me! I couldn’t believe it! It happened so fast. I was only an extra in a commercial that I was out of focus in the background. Then like a lightening, more jobs came. Within a year I was offered a starring role in the sequel of my favourite film. The six months working with my favourite actor ******* was like dream. We travelled to countries that I could only dream about three years ago. This was all from just auditioning for a soap commercial.

Oh, the parties, my lord! I won’t go into it here ‘cause my head is still spinning from that night a month ago with *******, the hottest model on the planet. Who ever is reading this, let me tell you, dropping out of college was the best decision I ever made. I set my mother up with a new house and my sister as well. Life truly is a dream.

Here I am sitting here, the whole looking at me walking up to receive one of the most revered award in the world, The Oscar! As I’m walking up, I can see faces that I saw on the movie screens all clapping and smiling, genuinely happy for me. My knees feel like jelly and my throat is dry but I keep it together. The next few moments are a bit of a blur. I can’t even remember what I said as I received the award. I take a closer look at the little golden statue and can’t help it but tear up as I simply say “thank you”. The crowd all get up and go wild. I steadily make my way down to my seat and the crowd is still cheering for me. I get up again and give a wave. By this time, I’m bawling my eyes out. Some of the people are tearing up with me. I expect to get up from this dream at any time!

After what seemed like an eternity, the crowd finally calms down and moves on to the next category. My heart was still pounding, the hands trembling as I’m holding the trophy. A staff sees that I can clearly use a drink of water and brings me a glass. It tasted like heaven. I breathe deeply, and calm my self down. Couple of people behind me give me a gentle pat on my shoulder. I look back and it’s ******* and *********. Again I take a deep breath.

A male in his mid-twenties, gaunt, trembling uncontrollably wearing a headset is lying on a dirty mattress in an equally filthy room. His arms are connected to what appeared to be intravenous fluid hanging on a rusty metallic stand. He is drooling and smiling and waving his hands as flickering light hits his dead looking eyes, glazed over like a zombie.


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