Mayhem In The Hall

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Mayhem In The Hall

Little Sara, nine years old, woke up from her cryo-sleep suddenly twenty minutes ago. She was still disorientated and nauseous, one of the side effects of having one’s reality ripped apart. Sara dreamed that she was with her parents on the beach after school. The sun was hot and there weren’t a cloud in the sky. Suddenly she saw the tidal wave about kilometre high rise charging at them at a hundred miles an hour, the sound and the wind it created was frightening. Like a bullet, the tidal wave hit them. That’s when she jolted up with a soldier who grabbed her out of her sleep pod. She was confused for about a minute then realised that she was dreaming. She quickly got dressed.

“Stay behind me Sara!” The soldier that she couldn’t recognise knew her name.

Somehow, she was calm and unafraid. The two exited the cryo-chamber. It was quite a sight. There were frantic people running in all directions with sounds of gun fire everywhere. Sara quickly picked up her camera and began recording. She hoped to God that her parents and Billy was ok. The soldier cautiously walked out into the massive hallway. The fire alarm was unbearably loud. She saw various people get into escape pods and others simply running in the opposite direction to the fifty-metre hanger door several dozen soldiers were trying hard to seal shut. Whatever was punching the solid steel door on the other side was big, strong and nasty. Every impact caused a great tremble through the big hallway. The soldier seemed to take a moment to think about what he should do and proceeded to walk in the opposite direction to the hangar door. Sara followed him. The mountain of a man shielded her from the countless people running at her. She recorded everything around her. She saw several escape pods fling out into space only to be shot down like helpless birds.

Somehow, Sara knew that she will make it out ok. The soldier took a hold of Sara’s hand and pointed his rifle as he made his way to the big elevator door. Who ever this man was, she was confident that he had a plan. He slowed down as he approached the corner. He checked for any threats then proceeded to the elevator. At that moment, the hangar door the other military men were trying to seal exploded with a thunderous growl resounding all throughout the ship. Sara turned around to see what it was for a second as the soldier made a dash to the elevator door. Tears welled up in her eyes when she saw the giant thing stomping its way down the hallway. She could hear gun fire behind her as she ran for her life.



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