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Joe Graeber turned around for a second to take a video of himself with the statue for a second. His half million followers ate up his travel content. They loved his goofy style of narrating a scenery that was more humorous than educational. He could hear the crowd talking out loud and laughing as he continued filming himself in the ancient ruin. He was live streaming to some fifty thousand people around the world as he panned the camera on himself and the surroundings. Joe loved his job and his life. The twenty-five-year-old was comfortable in front of the camera and loved the attention he was getting on the internet. He hadn’t noticed that three hours had gone by. Graeber was only forced to stop filing when the battery in his camera died.

As he hooked up his camera to the power bank, he decided to take a break and walk around just enjoy the view. It was quite a place. There were dozens of statues some fifty feet high each along a massive hallway. He then noticed something peculiar: where is everyone? Only ten minutes ago there were hundreds of people everywhere. Graeber checked his watch, it was only half past midday. He looked up, the hot summer sun was bang in the middle of the sky. At first, he didn’t think much of it. He walked over around the corner to see if there were anyone there. not one person anywhere. To add to the weirdness, the sun set in seconds making things barely visible.

Graeber was now concerned. His camera had fully charged, and he turned it on and started filming his new nightmare. Things were getting eerie by the minute. Through the monitor on his camera, everything appeared to be as if he was looking at the ancient ruin as a new monument. There were people walking in back and forth. In a panic, Graeber put the camera down and looked at the surroundings, the people had a ghostly appearance, and everything were old and dusty. Joe slowly, picked up his camera and looked into the screen again. The ghostly figures were people, as solid and real as himself. Just what the hell was going on. Naturally he started filming.

Around ten minutes had gone by, he thought.

He started talking into the camera for his audiences when one of the people in the screen stopped and looked directly at him. Graeber froze, he looked up into the dark corner where a ghostly figure stopped. The ghost was a woman, around thirty years old. She had a look on her face as though she’s seen a ghost. “No no no, I’m not the ghost, you are” Graeber yelled. His heart began to beat faster.

The woman cautiously walked over to him. Graeber slowly stepped back. The woman seemed to study his face closely before letting out a scream.

Joe had no idea what to do. He dropped the camera, and the screen went blank. The ghost version of the woman was still in front of him. Then, within seconds, dozens of other transparent figures advanced on him from all directions. Dredd had set in his mind and in a panic, Graeber tripped and hit his head on the hard paved floor.

He was afraid to open his eyes.

Graeber felt the floor and stumbled around for few seconds. Something was definitely not right. He felt sticky carpet and could smell musky damp room. Graeber slowly opened his eyes. He couldn’t see a thing. He desperately felt his head, torso and legs. He eventually realised that he was wearing some sort of a head piece and gloves. He carefully removed the helmet. He was in a messy room that he didn’t recognise. He was wearing a pair of polyester and rubber gloves hooked up to the headpiece. Joe got up slowly and walked over to the window. Just what in hell was going on here, he thought to himself. He didn’t recognise any of this.


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