Live-A-Little Friday Episode 8: Pancake, Bacon and Maple Syrup

Posted by David Kim on

Today’s LALF is Pancakes, Bacon and Maple Syrup.

You don’t need to go all crazy and make the pancake batter from scratch cos who’s got time for that! Just grab the ones you add water and shake. One hack for making pancakes is make sure you grease the pan well for each one. Also prepare yourself for the fact that the first two is gonna fail on you. Just give yourself a chance until they come out like the picture. 

As for bacon, make sure they’re crispy af. 

Maple syrup: don’t skimp on that. Get the actual maple syrup from Canada and not maple syrup flavoured stuff.


Verdict: best thing you’ll eat on Friday morning or any other morning, afternoon and midnight.

You’re welcome. 


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