Live-A-Little Friday Episode 5 - The Croissant Cheese Burger

Posted by David Kim on

Croissant, for me has to be the most innovative food ever created. Crunchy, buttery and just all round awesome. You can have it with coffee in the morning, cut it down the middle and have it with ham and cheese for lunch, the possibilities are endless. At Pound Of Wonder, I always push the envelope and think out side the box. I’m passionate about burger and had the finest burgers all over the world. 

What makes the burger is the buns. The burger bun has to be just the right combination of firmness, softness and form. It has to to give you a big warm hug from the first bite to the last. After weeks of theorising and study I thought to myself “croissant is the answer!”. 

So I went to work.

I purchased the finest veal mince from the local butcher with 20% fat. You need the fat content to enhance the flavour. I shaped the meat in the shape of a large croissant that I also purchased from the local pastry artisan. Cooking the burger patty is an art from in itself which I’ll cover in the future episodes. As the patty sizzled, and started to caramelise, my anticipation increased with every passing second. I layered two slices of cheddar cheese and let it melt on the meat candy for a minute. 

I carefully sliced into the croissant to reveal the beautiful buttery, pillowy interior. Without wasting a moment I laid the cheesy, salty and peppery patty on the croissant.

I quickly bit into it. The croissant cheese burger was exactly as I imagined! The most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. After a week long deliberation, I decided to forego other burger condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles etc. I just wanted to see if it works as a pure croissant burger. And the verdict - it works!!! I recommend having this with a cold glass of cola. The warm meaty, buttery sandwich offset by the sweet fizzy drink is something you need to experience for yourself. Don’t think about the calories either. This is a once a week project. 

in conclusion, I urge you to make this delight for yourself and your loved ones for dinner on Friday or Saturday to enjoy whilst watching a movie on Netflix. In a few weeks, I might make a burger with the lot.

Verdict: Spectacular, no condiments required. 


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