Live-A-Little Friday Episode 3

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Live-A-Little Friday is upon us again. For today's episode I did a bit of home cooking. Super easy to make and takes minutes. Two of my favourite things to eat are chicken sandwiches and hotdogs. All of the ingredients are available at Coles. I like Broadway Coles the best. Follow the steps below and you too can enjoy awesome crumbed chicken sandwich and hotdog on Friday night or any night of the week. 

Chicken Sandwich Ingredients: Brioche Bread, Ready Made Crumbed Chicken, Pickle Mayo, American Style Cheddar Cheese, Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Hotdog: Vienna style hotdog, sesame seed hotdog bun, pickle mayo, hot sauce

Method: Toast the brioche buns on a sandwich press or toaster. It only takes a minute so keep your eye on it. Once golden brown and crunchy time ti cook the chicken and hotdog.

In a pan, pour about 1cm deep oil and put on high heat. Always be careful a keep your eye on the pan when dealing with hot oil. When the oils hot enough carefully place the chicken and the hotdog in the pan. Play it by ear and turn the chicken and the hotdog until it’s golden brown on each side. When they’re done. Take them out and let them rest on paper towel on a plate. 

Time to assemble. Squeeze a generously amount of the pickle mayo and just a dash of the hot sauce on the brioche bread. Make sure you only put just a dash of the reaper sauce. Place the crumbed chicken on the sauced bread then a slice of the cheese. Put the other slice of the bread. Eat. 

For the hotdog, place the wiener in the bun and squeeze the mayo and just a dash of the hot sauce. Eat.

Verdict: Have a glass of milk ready. It’s a solid 8/10. Everything you love is here, crunchy, salty, spicy, oh very spicy, sweet from the brioche bread, cheesy, smoky from the hotdog… I highly recommend you make this to entertain your friends and family or make them for yourself after a long week at work or school.

Tune in next Friday at 6:30PM AEST for the next episode. 


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