Live-A-Little Friday Aka High Calorie Friday Ep 2

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Kristy Kreme And KFC Tenders Burger


Dozen assorted donuts from Kristy Kreme

6 Chicken Tenders from KFC

Garlic aioli 

Hi guys, welcome to episode 2 of Live-A-Little Friday Aka High Calorie Friday. In today’s episode, I combined Kristy Kreme donuts and chicken tenders from KFC. 

Well, what can I say. This donut and tenders burgers worked more in my mind than the actual execution. I love donuts and Krispy Kreme donuts are one of my favourites. There’s nothing more satisfying than a donut and a glass of milk in my opinion. One good thing about Krispy Kreme donut is that they never go off. An assorted dozen pack will last you for a week, provided you don’t inhale them down in a second. There’s only a handful of Krispy Kreme stores in Sydney and the only one with a drive through is in Auburn. So I braved the crazy western Sydney traffic and made my way to the Krispy Kreme store there. This particular outlet was next to a McDonalds.

I thought about mashing the donuts with either the fish from Fillet -O-Fish or the McNuggets but as I already mashed the nuggets with pizza last week, I committed to the donuts with KFC tenders.

At first I wanted to cut the OG glaze in half like a bagel and make it into an actual sandwich kind of thing but it proved to be quite a challenge. The glaze cracked like glass and the dough was way too delicate and unstable for me to cut the donut in half. So I had the idea of using two donuts per sandwich which turned out well, at least photogenically. 

I took a bite and it tasted exactly like it looked, chicken and donut. It needed something that brought the two components together. So I searched my kitchen. I don’t want to go all in, as this was my first attempt at a diner chicken burger. So, after about a minute of brainstorming, I saw the aioli that came with the chicken. I pre-visualised it, or in this case pre-tasted it. what could go wrong I told myself. 

I proceeded to assemble another one and with the second and third prototypes, I spread a generous serving of the white garlicky sauce. After taking a few snapshots, I took a bite. Not bad at all. The ultra sweet of the donut, the KFC flavour of the chicken and the garlic sauce does work. 

Now that I have some data on the way these flavours interact, I will brain storm some more and endeavour to combine them in a more creative way in terms of flavour and aesthetics in future episodes. I just consumed six donuts and a ton of tenders and can’t get off my couch.

Tune in next Friday for another food mash up.

Verdict: Edible 



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