Live-A-Little Friday Episode 4

Posted by David Kim on

At Pound Of Wonder I’m always looking to push the envelope and innovate when it comes to searching for new flavours. Today’s issue of Live-A-Little a Friday is no different. The name of today’s dish is “Too Much Of A Good Thing”


Hersheys Chocolate Ripple Ice Cream

1 egg

A slice of brioche bread

Pure Canadian maple syrup

One strip of bacon

2g of butter

1 chilli

Method: Make French toast with the brioche bread, egg and butter. In a separate pan fry chopped bacon until crisp then pour about a table spoon of maple syrup and add chopped chilli to the bacon. Allow to cool. 
place two or three spoonful of the Hersheys ice cream on the French toast and top with the bacon/maple syrup/chilli sauce.

Verdict: Weirdly Delicious 


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