Lights In The Sky

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Lights In The Sky

8 PM

I loved this time of the year, the hot, long sunny days, balmy nights. It was paradise. We all went for walks around the lake after dinner. The orange reflection against the water was picturesque. I wished that these days never ended. My parents walked few paced behind us while me and my sister Amy chased our Labrador puppy around the grass. My favourite part of summer was the balmy air and long days. Alice, our puppy took to us straight away when we adopted her few weeks ago. She was a good dog.

Mum made our favourite, lasagna tonight. She let us have two bowls of ice cream for dessert. Life was perfect. Alice was full of energy as she pranced around us when she suddenly stopped to look up.

“What is it girl?” I said before looking up to see what had Alice spooked.

Then I saw them as clear as day. There were dozens of massive lights in the sky. I couldn’t tell how big those lights were. The colours were also hard to describe. At first they seemed to be reds and greens but the more I looked at them, the less I recognized what the colours were. Amy was the next one to notice the lights followed by my parents. We must have stood there for about five minutes, hypnotized by the lights. Eventually, the sky filled with countless number of these bright spheres.

Somehow, I was more amazed than afraid.

I still remember my parents’ expressionless faces in a trance, blankly staring at them. Eventually the night fell with more and more of the indescribable lights appearing. I was starting to get a little uneasy. They didn’t make any sounds. The various colours swirled like it was made of liquid. They also hovered perfectly still when they appeared. I couldn’t be sure if they were inside the atmosphere or outside. If they were aliens, I assumed that they were friendly. I couldn’t say how long we’ve been out here, but the air was starting to get a little chilly. I walked over to Alice and Amy to try to get them to snap out of it. They seemed to be frozen. It was the same for my parents. I was starting to get worried.

I waved frantically to get them to do something. They simply hovered. I pushed my mum and dad to get to stop looking that them. It was of no use. I seemed to be the only one who wasn’t in a trance by these things.

“Hey!” I screamed.

I didn’t expect anything to happen.

I couldn’t tell if we’d been out here for few minutes for hours. I was getting very worried and helpless. It was only us out here in the woods. Even if I ran down to the town at the bottom of the mountain would’ve taken hours. Besides, I wouldn’t dare try in this darkness. I felt totally powerless. The lights at the cabin seemed to have turned off.

Then without a trace, those lights disappeared.

“Oh my god, it’s midnight, guys lets get back!” Mum yelled.

I looked at the cabin, the lights were back on.

“Yes mum!” Amy answered as she ran back to my parents with Alice.


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