Supers Inc Ep 1

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Episode 1- Just Another Day At The Office

Tuesday 2:39 PM

The sun made an appearance for the first time in a long while, in Dante City. As the dark and stormy clouds parted, the heavy rain drops were replaced by warm golden rays that made everything glisten on the street. It was quite a pretty and welcome sight, a change from what the city went through the last few months. Every street corner, buildings were badly damaged by the battle with Mr X and his army of goons. The media reported that Heroes Inc killed him and arrested all of his surviving henchmen but there were nothing but conflicting news articles on the net. Only tabloid news agencies seem to know anything about what went down. It would take this city years to rebuild Dante City. Most doors and windows were boarded up with anything that the occupants could find. The streets remained empty since the Big Battle, that’s what the media called it. If it wasn’t for Heroes Incorporated, the city definitely would have given into Mr X’s demands. But then, came with a high price tag. They were after all, incorporated, a for-profit organisation. 

In the distance, an echo of a loud car engine could be heard racing down the empty streets of Dante City. The thunderous car engine was followed by a police siren. Not one soul dared to look out their window. 

The Big Battle left the citizens of Dante city frightened out of their minds. The people have never seen violence like that, even in movies. Everyone lost someone they knew. Heroes Inc lost few of their members. 

For people like Marco and his accomplice, Dante City was heaven. With his dead end burger flipping job, he couldn’t have, in his wildest dreams afford this car. She was a beauty, green with racing stripes. The city was a playground now for the marginalised. Marco had the means and wants to literally take what he wanted. For him and his beautiful partner in crime, the Big Battle was a new beginning. Every bank was an easy target. 

Marco’s new boss who recruited him and his girl Stephanie, who by the way was doing a fine job of staving off the cops behind them at the moment, told him that the bank in downtown held about twenty grand at the most. Marco figured that he must have grabbed about two million. His cut alone would set him up for life in the country. That is if he could figure out a way to get out of the city. The authorities cut off all route out of the city since the Battle. 

Cops usually backed off after about five minutes of high speed chase, but this guy must be an over enthusiastic rookie. He didn’t know when to quit. Stephanie emptied out a whole magazine of AR-1000 not to mention the pump action that a junkie gave them two nights ago. The cop car was Swiss cheese but somehow it kept on coming. Marco was running out of patience. 

Luckily no other pesky cops joined in the pursuit. Stephanie retracted back into the car and loaded the AR as she cheerfully gave Marco a cheeky wink.

”You ok baby?!” Stephanie said 

“Having the time of my life babe!” Marco replied

He was looking at his future wife. She was all he ever wanted in a woman. He will figure out a way to get out of the city and make a new life in the country. For once in his life, Marco was happy. Stephanie took aim and opened fire through the back window. The poor cop didn’t know what was coming to him. Marco could see the cop car light up like a Christmas tree in the rear view mirror. 

Stephanie dropped the rifle in the back seat and kissed Marco passionately. All of her problems were now well behind her. With Marco, they could now live a life they’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Marco slowed down and made a left turn. 

The Sun disappeared behind the clouds again. The clouds turned ominous. About a hundred meters ahead, Marco and Stephanie saw two figures standing in the middle of the road. Their hearts sank. Marco prayed that the figures were junkies who found out about their loot. But in his heart they were the Heroes. 

“Gun it baby! Take them out!” Stephanie yelled.

Marco had no choice. He had to go for it. There were no going back now. He stepped on the gas as he changed the gears like a mad man. The figures didn’t flinch. The car reached fifth gear.

The muscle car reached enough speed to take out any normal person. Marco knew that he wasn’t dealing with normal humans. But he had no choice. 

Twenty meters out.

The two held their hands tight.

”Gun it baby!” Stephanie screamed

For a moment Marco thought he could run them over and keep going. The two figures standing in the rain didn’t move. As Marco was about to make contact with the two figures, they simply disappears like ghosts as he slammed into a solid brick wall. 

Beautiful green muscle car disintegrated into hundred pieces with cash flying in all directions. 

The figures reappeared.

They were dressed in a dark super hero outfit like in a retro comic book. It was a massive man and a curvy woman. The woman took out a phone from her chest and checked the notification. A hundred grand paid into her account.

The two figures disappear again as the rain came. 




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