Haunted Space

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Haunted Space

Tommy sat on the beach for the better part of an hour, watching the white waves. It was a perfect day. The hot sun was comforting. In the distance, he saw the lime green sails of a boat bobbing its way slowly across the horizon. Tommy wondered who was on the boat. If it ever came ashore, he will introduce himself and ask if he could come aboard, he thought to himself.

Suddenly, the bright blue sky switched to pitch black.

Tommy’s heart started pounding. He looked around him. One by one, everything appeared to switch off like a light bulb. The sounds of the sea gulls became muted then they became pixelated before simply disappearing. The most peculiar thing was the waves disappeared whilst the boat still made its way across an empty void.

Tommy passed out.

With a jolt to the system, Tommy woke up. He was no longer on the beach. He seemed to be in a giant glass jar filled with liquid. He was suspended in a transparent chamber with viscous liquid that he was breathing in. He could barely make out what was outside. He saw several figures pacing back and forth and heard murmured voices. He prayed to God that he fell asleep on that beach and expected to wake up at any moment. He couldn’t be sure how long he’s been in this jar, it could be few minutes or days. He was helpless, like an unborn baby.

Suddenly, without warning, Tommy could make out a figure swinging an axe or a metal bar and smashing the glass chamber. The container shattered into thousand pieces as Tommy came flushing out. Frantically, he looked around. All the figures were no where to be seen. He was naked and cold. He passed out again.

He couldn’t be sure how long he’s been out. Maybe few seconds, maybe few years. He woke up on the floor of what appeared to be inside of a plane. At least he was dressed in warm hoodie and track pants he thought. He could feel and very feint humming of what he figured was the engine of this craft. Who ever put him here must have some answers.

Tommy got up.

He was far from the beautiful beach. He walked like a baby learning to walk again. The large metallic chamber that he was in didn’t have any doorways or even buttons. Not one monitor or anything that he could interact with were to be found. There were however windows on either side of the chamber that he dared not look out of. After exploring for a long while, Tommy decided that it was time to look what’s on the other side of the window. He slowly dragged himself towards one with blue flickering light on the other side.

It was not what he expected.

He didn’t recall getting on a space craft. Tommy’s hand trembled as he tried to calm his mind. This craft must have been travelling at a speed faster that light. The stars and the galaxies that he saw on TV and internet were nothing like what he was witnessing. Everything was alive and exploding and shooting across in all directions. It was quite a trip. Tommy could never be sure how long he’s been standing there watching this light show. This was just as beautiful as the beach. He prayed that he doesn’t wake up from this dream. Then the ship or the craft seemed to slow down and within what appeared to be minutes, it came to a complete stop. The beautiful dancing lights came to a stop and became distant dead twinkling dots that seemed infinite light years away.

He knew it was too good to last.

Tommy kept looking outside when there was a knock behind him. He didn’t recall an wooden door but turned around. The person that he was expecting the least stood there. He prayed that he passed out.


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