Ghost Squad

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Ghost Squad

Shane checked his map again. There was no way around it. The three needed to walk past the creepy retro room that resembled a large, open office filled with hundreds of transparent ghostly figures frantically, pacing back and forth looking as if they were working. Lola had her camera rolling. She checked the footages. She recorded everything. The figures were hard to describe. They appeared to be made of smoke or vapour, darting in and out of view. At first, Lola saw figures that somewhat resembled a person but when she focused on anyone, they didn’t really resemble anything that she’s ever seen. They seemed to be happy and content to be working in this old and damp office space. In any case, all Shane knew was that they had to go through these floating figures.

Jimmy seemed to be stuck for words. He looked into Lola’s camera.

 “Are you guys seeing this?” Jimmy finally said. “Which way now Shane?”

Shane pointed towards the end of the room. Jimmy dreaded the answer. The three cautiously proceeded. Lola continued recording. She still couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The figures seemed to be oblivious to the trios’ presence. So far so good. The ghosts went through them like mist, they felt very cold to the touch. Usually Jimmy was very theatrical and animated for his viewers and subscribers. He was good at making it seem as though he was seeing a spirit, orb or a ghost. Now, that he was witnessing actual supernatural, he didn’t know how to react. Jimmy’s only concern was to get through this in one piece and get the team out of this building safely.

They were halfway through when Lola’s camera made a beeping sound. The trios’ heart sank.

The ghosts all seemed to stop what they were doing for a moment. It felt like an infinity. The figures just floated up and down and appeared to look around the room. Then they all became less transparent and appeared to have more weight to them. Now they resembled office workers. Lola didn’t like this one bit as she kept on recording. Shane signalled his crew members to keep walking. The two followed Shane slowly. Jimmy looked at Lola intently and as he turned around, he nudged an old desk. It made the loudest screeching sound against the concrete floor. At that moment, the misty figures locked their focus on the three and began running towards them.

“Run!” Jimmy yelled.

The three bolted for their lives. Lola kept on filming. They were gonna get a hundred million subscribers now, she thought. Shane prayed to God that the door isn’t locked. He desperately took a hold of the door handle and turned it. Time stopped. The door wasn’t locked. Shane jerked it open and yelled “Come on guys!”

Jimmy and Lola ran out of the room. Lola turned quickly to get one more second of footage. The ghostly office workers seemed upset that their work was interrupted. Shane slammed the door shut. It appeared that the ghostly office workers were violently trying to open the door. Eventually the bangs stopped. The three exited the building. It must have been close to midday, the sun was almost directly above them. The street was full of cars and pedestrians. The three stood in the middle of the sidewalk trying to catch their breaths. Suddenly a nerdy looking guy stops and points to Jimmy and his crew and yelled “Hey! The Ghost Squad! I love your show!”

Jimmy was happy to see another person. He hugs the nerd and said “It’s so nice to see you buddy!”

The nerd took a selfie with the tired and battered Ghost Squad and went on his merry way.

A week later, Lola was back in the studio editing the three-hour long footages. She was worried that she didn’t capture the figures. It still rattled her that she witnessed actual paranormal beings. She just watched the videos for about an hour. This was proof that the supernatural is real. She spent the next three hours, cutting and pasting the video to upload online. Brand deals kept on rolling in. Until now, it’s all been fun and games, but it was starting to get a bit real. For the last week or so, Lola thought about getting out of this going back to college to complete her nursing degree.

She checked the final copy of the video with her team members. The company was growing now. There were twelve team members now, all with their unique skill set that Jimmy carefully selected. All eleven members emailed her back with their approval for upload. Lola hit the upload button.

Within minutes, a million people watched the video with hundreds of people commenting and liking it. Ten thousand people subscribed. 


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