Ghost Squad

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Ghost Squad


We split up on the third floor, as per the standard procedure. I saw Jennifer walk around the corner talking into her sprit box. Danny decided to take the elevator that called itself. He wore the patent pending, ghost goggles. They were selling well on I proceeded down the hallway pointing my trusty Nikon forward. I couldn’t help but caress the deep green velvet fabric upholstered on the walls. The Dolphin Hotel is without a doubt the most haunted hotel in the world. I was here three years ago when I began my ghost hunting career. By that I mean uploading videos that made fun of other ghost videos on YouTube. Somehow, people loved my content, and I dropped out of college to make ghost videos full time.

But that enough of my back story.

The velvet fabric on the wall was so soft. The hallway was dead quiet except for the muffled sounds of TVs and people talking inside some of the rooms. The beeps on my walkie talkie beeps every thirty seconds. “How’s it going over there? Over” It was Jennifer. “I’m just gonna make it to the end of the hallway and turn back to the lifts. Where are you Jen, over”.  “I’m on the seventh floor, you need to get up here asap Johnny!”

She sounded serious, so I decided to turn around and make my way back to the lifts.

I can’t say that I’ve encountered a ghost. That is, until now. There she was the bloody bride. She was just floating there in midair. She appeared to be moving in slow motion with her wedding dress fluttering slowly like in the movies. “Jen, you need to get down here right now!” I whispered into the walkie talkie. There was no answer.

I had no idea what to do. Honestly, I wasn’t necessarily scared, the sight of and actual full body apparition shook me to my core. Usually, ghostly sights involve seeing something in your peripheral or in the mirror but when you focus, it turns out to be nothing. But this ghostly figure kept on just floating there about five metres in front of me seemingly aware of me. I pointed the camera and started filming. I checked the screen to make sure that the apparition real and not just in my head. She seemed to be posing for me. It must have been about two minutes since she started floating there. In ghost terms, where a ghostly figure dangles in front you, it was an eternity. I zoomed in on her face, it was transparent but I could make out features of a pretty human face. She seemed at peace and was even smiling.

I knocked on a door in the hallway. I desperately needed someone to see this with me. No one answered. The funny thing is that I could hear noise and voices coming from the door. I knocked a little harder. The noise continued inside but this time, someone seemed to be walking towards the door. Finally, I get to show someone what I’m seeing. The door opened slowly.

No one could be prepared for what I saw next.




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