Ghost Hunters

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Johnathan Wilson and his girlfriend Sophia Lee had been making a good living uploading ghost videos twice weekly. They started this little venture for fun when they were in their first year of medical school. Their first video titled “Anatomy Class At Midnight” went viral on all platforms and made them a overnight sensation. One fifteen-minute video they filmed in their class after getting drunk on a cold Christmas Eve earned them over a million views, not to mention endorsements. After a careful discussion, and massive opposition from their families, the couple decided to defer their studies and make videos full time. The money, fame and the life came quickly. Within two months they had a movie deal and was paid five million for the rights and quite a significant speaking role which led to two other movies. But their real passion was hunting ghosts. Over the next five years, they travelled all over the world hunting ghosts.

Their weekly videos broke all sorts of records. They reached multi-billion viewers and subscribers. The video Ghosts Of The Vatican was produced by a major Hollywood company narrated by an Oscar winner. Johnathan and Sophia became a household name. The pair somehow monetized death and the afterlife. They still weren’t satisfied. In the ten year run they had growing exponentially as a professional ghost hunting company wasn’t anything more than entertainment. The two started out wanting to show people that there is a life after death but the viewers were only interested in the shock value and the atmospheric scenes.

The fame, money and the freedom wasn’t all it cracked up to be. The two eventually married, almost divorced three times due to infidelities and public scandals and had three children. Yet, something was still missing.

Wilson and Lee eventually sized down their two hundred-million-dollar production company and started filming with their phone. They went back to the roots. Their loyal subscribers tuned in every Wednesday night regardless of the production value of their videos. They returned to the old halls of the anatomy department. Nothing has changed in twelve years. The massive jars containing lifeless bodies in formyldehyde, the various animals dissected were all still there. Madeline was still in her jar in that yellow fluid. The pregnant teen died due to complications with her baby still inside her. Someone signed off on the girl being preserved for future immature first year med students to study her for hundred years. The pair named her Madeline in their first year.

The two have achieved something that most film makers could only dream about. With countless feature films with their name on it, three beautiful kids, money and all the time in the world, all at the age of thirty, the two still were yearning to capture the undeniable proof of afterlife.

One night, after dropping the kids off to Jonathan’s parents for babysitting, the two drove to a cemetery that a viewer recommended. They’ve never heard of it. It was about three hours out of the city so they decided to do a over-night trip. On the way, they stopped at a charming pub for dinner and few drinks. The owner of the little pub was a friendly lady who struck up a small talk with the celebrities. When the pair told her that they were on their way to the Harvey Cemetery, she strongly advised against it. The pub owner’s reaction added to the intrigue.

The two quickly finished their drinks and drove another hour.

John and Sophia was excited. This was what motivated them from day one. Sophia noticed something strange. It was a clear night with full moon in the sky that lit up the sky. But as they approached the entrance, the stars and the moon disappeared. Not really making much of it, the two parked the car just outside and walked inside. The morbid pair were never afraid places like this. Over the last decade, they’ve seen it all. Johnathan took out his small vlogging camera and started filming. The stars and the moon disappeared despite the sky still being clear with no clouds. The two held hands as they proceeded. Suddenly, about fifty meters ahead, they saw two figures. John and Sophia were a little jolted but excited. They hurried to where the two figures were. Sophia quickly looked back as they approached the figures. The front gate should have been visible but there were nothing but trees. Not thinking much of it, she kept up with her husband. The figures were now much more distinctive. Johnathan was startled. Sophia didn’t notice it at first but she couldn’t believe what they were looking at. Johnathan turned on the flash light. It was dead. Sophia squeezed his hand as they approached the two mysterious ghostly figures.

The two figures were them. They were still standing there staring at John and Sophia with lifeless expressions. They were standing at a tombstone,. Sophia wanted to turn around and get back to their children. Johnathan looked at himself. After about a minute he looked down at the tombstone. They were brand new tombs, with the dirt still bulging out. They were of Johnathan Wilson and Sophia Lee. He was confused. The two ghost versions of themselves disappeared.

“Let’s get out of here Soph!” Johnathan said.

The two turned around to see nothing but trees. Where the entrance should be were just more tombs and trees. The two started running in the direction that the gate should be. Suddenly, they saw two figures who ran towards them. John and Sophia stopped to find random tombstones which read “Here Lies Johnathan And Sophia Wilson, the most famous ghost hunters in the world” The two figures that ran towards them were also them.


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