Ghost House

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Ghost House

I don’t know how long I’ve been in here. I’m walking down a long hallway of an old Victorian style house. I can’t see the end of this hallway. To my right, are large windows looking out to a large garden. It’s not quite night or day. There are trees and grass that are a shade of grey and brown. I stop for a second to look around to see if there’s anyone out there. There’s a shack about twenty metres away, probably the grounds keeper’s house. The light is on. Maybe who ever in there can help me get out of here. The door to the shack opens and a man walks out holding a shovel on his shoulder. I knock on the window to try to get his attention. Oddly, he continues to walk. I’m pretty sure that he should’ve heard me!

I can see more features of the man as he walks closer. He was dressed in an old-style worker’s outfit that I saw in period movies. He had an unfriendly scowl on his face. Time seemed to run weirdly. He was moving in a jerky movement as though he was skipping in time. When he stopped about five metres away from me, he had already dug a big hole that eventually occurred to me to be a grave. The man climbed out and out of nowhere appeared a tomb stone that he was already carving. The whole thing happened within a minute. I was curious to see who’s name he was carving out. I intently watched on.

I couldn’t believe the name on the tombstone! It was mine. When the man had finished, he stopped for a second. He was still holding the hammer and chisel. His head was tilted down for a moment as he slowly looked up, eventually, straight at me! I didn’t want to stick around to see what he wanted with me. I started running down the hallway. To my left were doors and I knocked on them to see if anyone were in there who could help me. I can hear people talking and laughing in them. The grave digger was slowly walking towards me. I couldn’t understand as to how he was just behind me when I was bolting but he was just slowly strolling. I couldn’t run any further. It as if I didn’t go anywhere. When I had stopped, the fresh grave with my name was still there. I was desperate to get out of here!

Suddenly, the door that I didn’t notice to my right was open, so I rushed in.

To my horror, the grave man was right in front of me. I must have blacked out for a second. When I opened my eyes, I was laying in the hole the mean man had dug. He was already shovelling dirt back in. I was helpless as if I was paralysed. I couldn’t even scream!

The horror of the thought of getting buried alive was indescribable. The man had covered my body and most of my face, I could see the dusk-like sky as musky dirt covered my mouth, nose and eventually my eyes. I clearly remember choking on the dirt.

Suddenly, I could hear a little beep as the whole thing became dark.

Then I remembered that was trialling the new VR game Ghost House. I quickly take the VR goggle off my head! I was back in my office looking out the window. The sun in my face was comforting. I checked my watch. The log in time in the VR environment indicated that I was in that hellish world for less than five seconds.


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