Ghost City

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Ghost City

The nineteen-year-old was always in a rush. Her twelve million subscribers couldn’t get enough of her content. They tuned in daily to watch her talk about herself. People ate up her bubbly and energetic vlogs. For the creator, the success was worth dropping out of film school to upload and post mini movies. The money was way better than working an internship in a toxic film company that  and working nightshift at the diner, way better. But what she enjoyed the most was the freedom to do whatever she liked.

 She wasn’t short of ideas for her daily vlogs which got no less than five million views per video. She was on cloud nine. She started each day early. It wasn’t even eight when she was out in the downtown area manically filming herself and filming b-rolls. The film school did teach her couple of things about lighting, interesting angles and editing. She was on a tight schedule. She collected the footages by midday, lunch then edit in the afternoon, ready to be uploaded by five every afternoon. She’s been experimenting with new camera angles and was excited to try it this morning.

As usual, she was in her zone and ran across the street pointing her camera straight forward. She was focussing too much to hear the honking and screeching bus that was speeding at her uncontrollably.

Her heart pounded like a jack hammer, the adrenaline dumped into her veins like a freight train. But somehow, she made it across the road. She took the earphones out of her ears and looked back. It was the weirdest thing. There was no bus. She put the earphones back in her ears and kept on running as she talked into the camera. The new concept was to include more people in the shots using an ultra-wide-angle lens. She accidentally discovered that style at the mall few weeks back.

After running back and forth down the street for an hour, she realised that something wasn’t quite right. She checked her watch, and it was past nine in the morning and downtown should be full of people, cars and other vehicles but it was completely empty. She lowered her camera and scanned the city. She looked inside the shops and cafes, totally void of people. She started to film again commenting on how weird it was to not see one single person during the rush hour. She began live streaming to interact with her fans to see if they know anything. To the vlogger’s surprise, not one person commented or clicked the like button. Something was definitely wrong. She somehow ended up in a ghost city.

The trio of online paranormal investigators scanned for the ghost of the nineteen-year-old vlogger who died five years ago. The urban legend was that any every rush hour a clear full body apparition of a ghost can be seen running up and down in downtown.

 It was a gruesome scene that day, the famous YouTuber didn’t see the morning bus as she leapt onto the road without a warning.


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