Ghost City

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It was a close call. Emma’s life flashed before her eyes. Lights out. The last thing she recalled before she blacked out was a car screeching to a stop after nudging her as she crossed the street. It was enough force to knock her down to the pavement hitting her head. She was ok though. What felt like seconds turned out to be two days in the emergency room. She got up and looked outside the window. It was dark. She wasn’t sure which hospital this was. The street outside wasn’t familiar.

She felt well, even refreshed. Her clothes were left neatly folded next to her. Emma didn’t want to be in a hospital room more than she needed to be. She changed quickly and got out of the room. She noticed that there were other patients behind the curtains, but she couldn’t wait to get out of this place. The hospital bleach smell gave her the creeps. She was expecting some admin staff to charge at her to stop her, but no one came.

She wasn’t sure where she was.

She checked her wallet and there was enough cash in it for a cab ride home but there were no cabs to be found. There were few people walking around on the street so that gave her a bit of comfort. Emma started walking. She felt her head to see if she received any stitches. She was fine. She felt good. The only thing that she was perturbed about was the fact that she didn’t know where the hell she was. Emma grew up in the city and knew it to back to front, but she was starting to get freaked out. But she kept on walking. There was not one single car on the road and there are usually bumper to bumper traffic all hours of the day.

Emma looked up. It wasn’t quiet night. The sky looked like it was dusk, or maybe dawn but it’s been like that for the last hour and a half. Emma figured that she was lost. She noticed that none of the buildings had lights on. What’s going on?

It was time to grab someone and ask for directions. Luckily a lady, maybe in her sixties walked towards her. “Excuse me mam, I think I’m lost…” Emma put on her friendliest voice. The woman kept on walking like Emma wasn’t even there. What the?! She was speechless. Emma was actually hurt and offended! She knew that the people in this city had attitude but what was that?! After few steps, Emma looked back to go up and confront the old hag. She wasn’t there.

Emma’s heart dropped! Where am I?

Emma started running, every street corner looked the same. It was as if the city was dead. She was starting to get a little scared. Emma clenched her eyes and tried not to think about the worst.

She must have been walking around in this creepy city for at least three hours but the sun neither rose nor set.



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