Gently Down The Stream

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The following is a work of fiction.

Gently Down The Stream

At first, I thought it was Saturn, the planet, with its rings. As I know it, Saturn was just a speck in the night sky. The thing was enormous, an impossibility, seeming floating just above the atmosphere. It took up the whole sky. I checked my wristwatch to see what time it was. The second’s needle was ticking backwards. Something was very wrong. I looked around to see if anyone was seeing this. It was the middle of the day in the city yet, there weren’t anyone around. It was quite a sight. I’ve only seen something like this as an illustration on a book. I sat down on a patch of grass and kept on looking at it. It grew larger and large until it seemed to peer through the clouds. Then I realised that it wasn’t Saturn at all. It was a giant eye, and it was looking right at me. I looked around and there wasn’t anyone around. That’s when I decided to find somewhere to hide. I walked towards the train station and hoped that they were still running. The eye was now in the sky and chasing me down the street. The weird thing was that when I stopped to look back at it, it too stopped.

The ground began trembling violently. About a kilometre away was a tidal wave hundreds of metres high charging towards me destroying everything in its path. The eye was still there but it seemed to tell me what to do. It looked into the direction of the entrance of the subway. I didn’t think what good it’d be to run down into the subway underground, but something told me to trust the eye. So I ran down the stairs. I could hear the wave above on the street level. It sounded like a freight train. Still, somehow, I wasn’t afraid. When I caught my breath, the ceiling of the subway crashing down with millions of litres of water rushing in. At that point I decided to just let go and go with it. The water eventually caught up to me. It felt cold as hell.

I opened my eyes, I was on a boat, made of wood, with paddles. The creaking sound that it made was kind of soothing. I was floating on the ocean gently bobbing up and down. The hot sun felt good on my skin, and I could see seagulls and smell the sea. I was confused. I wasn’t sure what was going on. The sun was the same as I remembered. Whatever this was, I wasn’t hating it.

Then I woke up.


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