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We finally made it here. A thousand years in cryo-sleep aboard a spaceship travelling in the uncharted part of space was all worth it. The last thing I remember was falling asleep in my pod as i heard massive explosions and fire balls bombarding Earth. By the grace of who ever was looking after us, we made it to New Earth. This place was no different from Earth, or Sydney Australia to be exact. The main thing I noticed was how pristine it was. I guess this is what Earth would look like if people hadn’t built all those buildings and roads.

A million people left Earth for this planet but only a hundred thousand survived. The authorities wouldn’t tell us what happened. Few conspiracy theories went around the people. Some say, we were attacked by other alien species, and others said they were sucked into black holes into different dimension. We were forbidden to discuss these outrageous theories.

We didn’t waste a moment. The authorities initially put us all on quarantine for about a month. The sun rose at about the same rate as back on Earth. They tell us that oxygen level here is about the double to that on Earth and we all feel great. Though things were almost the same, there are many things that are very different. There is a moon here but it looks like I can reach out and touch it. It was overwhelming at first but we eventually got used to a giant moon that appeared to be rendered in, in the sky. The sun looks about the same as back on Earth. After our quarantine, we were all given aptitude tests to see what we’re good at. I was given the task of gathering vegetations and food. I liked my new workmates. Most things here were edible. It was almost as if this whole planet was designed for us. We brought our own seeds for vegetables and fruits which grew well and tasted even better here, I guessed because of the high oxygen level. We also brought animals both in cryo and cloned. They all seemed happy here as well.

This was a second chance at life.

Three years go by, and I met my wife. She and I hit it off immediately whilst we were working. We’re expecting a baby in the next two months, the first to be born on a new planet. I was ecstatic when I heard the news. The last three years was like some sort of a dream. Back on Earth, I was an insurance salesman, hating my job and my life and an eternity later, here I am making history as a first man to have an offspring in an alien land. Alien land.

One thing that baffled me was how, such a planet with all its abundance of vegetation, native fauna, water and oxygen didn’t give rise to an apex predator.

A human like creature grunted as it stared into a computer screen with these words written on it. On the floor of a bedroom was a bloodied, lifeless body of a man and a woman in their thirties. The grotesque creature looked out the window and heard screams and wailings of the new colonist who didn’t know the horror that was waiting for them in their new home planet.



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