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For Likes

I couldn’t be sure how long I’ve been in this house, but I was starting to regret ever entering it. I was still live streaming. The comments were going crazy, and the like button hasn’t stopped for a while. I wasn’t lost, as it wasn’t a particularly big house, but every time I opened the front door and walked through it, I would end up I another area on the inside. I must have walked through that front door a hundred times and now, I seemed to be transported back, this time the bathroom upstairs. I was getting exhausted and stopped to look at peoples’ comments. They were like “you’re a fake, you’re using CGI to create the loop”. Others were a bit more friendly and encouraging.

I was starting to get a little worried. I can see clearly through the windows. It was sunny and bright outside. I just couldn’t get there. It was as if there was some sort of a portal on the front door. I picked up my phone and scrawled through the contacts to see if I can call someone to alert the authorities. There weren’t many choices. In fact, there weren’t many people I could call. The most friendly person in my contact list was my editor that I fired few months back. I pressed the green call button. I thanked God that she didn’t block me. There were few rings before she picked up. Then immediately before I could tell her the predicament I was in, she hung up. Hoping that we simply got cut off, I called back. This time I knew she blocked me. The call went straight to voicemail.

I kept on live streaming. Maybe a viewer alerted the police or the army.

“Guys, I’m not joking, I can’t get out of this house! Can some of you alert the authorities and send them to 55 Dalton Road!”

The like and heart emojis tripled after my little rant. I was now terrified for my life. I looked at the comments “Look behind you, I saw figures!”. I felt like passing out. The phone only had ten percent battery left. Somehow, the notifications still worked. I just got paid $25k from the video platform for last week’s video. I should’ve just went to Hawaii like I planned to. Now I’m stuck in this haunted fucking house with no way out.

I could see outside the windows. My car was still parked in the driveway. Then something weird happened. I saw myself get out of the car lugging the backpack and gear walking towards the house. Out of desperation, I smashed the window and screamed as loud as I could “DON’T COME IN! DON’T ENTER THE HOUSE!”

It was of no avail.


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