Excerpt From The Novel Dark Space 2023

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Dark Space

Little Rebecca was scared but kept on filming. The nine-year-old was in charge of making vlogs of the daily events on the HSS Genesis and uploaded for the people back on Earth. About a week ago, Genesis encountered a ship that resembled itself floating in the dark, uncharted part of space, seemingly dead. Rebecca had a very bad feeling about this but twelve of the crew, after a lot of yelling and debating decided to stop and board the lifeless copy of the Genesis. There was no copy of the ship as it was built with the alien technology that was reverse engineered. Genesis, after a five-year delay finally was completed and set off to the planet that they found just beyond the orbit of Planet X. It was a short trip, taking only a month thanks to the alien technology that was uncovered two kilometres beneath the ice sheets in the classified location in the Antarctic.

Genesis selected ten thousand people from Earth at random to be the new colonists to the planet that they’ve named New Home. Earth was dying slowly, the population reached the critical levels and the world wide wars were making the planet uninhabitable. Genesis barely made it out of the orbital war zone and took some damage. Whoever built the Genesis built the entire infrastructure for the ship to travel in. Just beyond the lower orbit of Earth was what they named the hyper-bridge, a tunnel system that allowed the ship to travel to any part of the solar system as well as anywhere in the galaxy. Without these hyper-bridge tunnels, the ship wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.

Rebecca filmed her whole journey from being selected to be a passenger on the Genesis to boarding the ship and finally launching into deep, dark space. she’s gained quite a following online and her audiences tuned in daily for her vlogs. The crew on Genesis and other passengers were nice to her and she’s made few friends. Everyday was a new and exciting adventure when they encountered what appeared to be another Genesis just floating in the hyper-bridge, seemingly defunct.

Rebecca remembers the adults debating loudly for hours whether to board the dead ship. Rebecca, for the first time in her life was scared.

Finally, with a lot of resistance, the crew members decided to board the ship. The exploring team consisted of six military men with big guns and six scientists. She remembers waving goodbye to them as the hatch slowly closed. That was a week ago. Outside the ship was pitch black. The lights from star appeared to twinkle in a weird glitchy manner. Someone explained to Rebecca the reason as to why it’s pitch-black outside, something about, space and time being compressed.

Rebecca couldn’t sleep so she went out to the common area just staring at the dead ship on the monitor, praying that the crew inside were all safe.



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