End Of War

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End Of War

8:00 AM

Finally, the endless tremors and destructions ended. The news on TV announced that we had won the ten-year war against the invaders. At what cost I wondered as I sipped the morning coffee, dropped off by the military people once a month. I opened the window and peeped outside. Usually, the fighting starts by this time with explosions, machine gun fire and sounds of laser beams. The alien invaders had weapons that we’ve never seen before. Ninety percent of the populations around the world had perished. We were lucky here, our military were effective and managed to defend more than half of the citizens. I couldn’t believe that this day would come. The news anchorman sternly instructed for everyone to remain inside, until further instructions. Few more days wouldn’t make any difference I thought to myself. To be honest, the last ten years was a big blur.

Days and months went by, the news stopped their broadcast. The only channel that broadcasted the events of the fighting went black. I was in total dark about what was happening. The military men stopped bringing the essentials. I was starting to get worried. The streets have been quiet for months now and no one came to let us know that it was safe to go outside and start living. Living, I don’t even know what that meant anymore. I had to get outside and see what was going on. I was down to the last morsel of food. I was afraid to go outside. I only saw the world thought the TV screen and my window outside my apartment. I packed myself a bottle of water and the last two protein bars in a backpack and went outside. At least it was summer. It felt weird to be outside. I took my jacket off, it was pretty hot. There was rubble in all directions. The strange thing was that I couldn’t see anyone, even dead soldiers on the street, not one person were among the mess. I just started walking. My apartment was no longer a home, there was nothing left in there. I had to find another place. There had to be someone out here who knew what was going on.

I quickly got used to walking on the dirt. It was hard at first, as the only walking I have been doing for the last ten years was on the treadmill. I looked around for any survivors, no one. I must have been walking towards downtown for at least an hour, but I didn’t encounter anyone, dead or alive. I looked up, it was a beautiful sunny day, hot with blue skies. I wish I bought my rifle with me, but I made the decision to leave it behind. It wouldn’t have been a good look to carry a gun around when the fighting had stopped. I had been just walking in one direction for hours now and was yet to encounter. Weird thoughts were going through my mind, like what if it was just a trick to get the last survivors out of hiding to finish us off. The gut feeling suddenly hit me.

That’s when my nightmares all came true. I felt that familiar low frequency humming in the air. It was the massive craft that I saw in person before I ran into that random apartment ten years ago. It was at least a kilometre across slowly scanning the ground. It was big enough to block out the late morning sun completely to where he was standing. That’s when I realised that we had lost the war against the aliens. The massive craft began firing its blue beams in all directions. It was over, the war was over, it was the end of us, end of Earth.



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