Elves And Goblins

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Elves And Goblins

They came without warning. The peaceful town of East Fae Fawn was no longer a pretty green land. Everything was burning in all directions. Dark smoke filled the blue sky. The screams and cries of the people of East Fae Fawn was starting to die down. The goblins were ruthless in who they killed and burnt. It was a massacre. Lifeless bodies of elves and unicorns laid everywhere. The goblins marched through the streets killing any remaining citizens and burning down houses and buildings. The attack was well planned and executed. The giant goblins made up for their lack of intelligence with brute strength. The island of Underdark, the home of the giant goblins was two day’s sail away to the east and the elves defence on the sea was one of the best in the world. How ever they got to Fae Fawn, also in large numbers, they were brought here by another race, maybe by air or a portal.

Sonya woke up to the horror of seeing her husband dead next to her baby daughter. What she felt couldn’t be described in words. She tied a cloth around her bleeding arm and head. Sonya limped outside. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she saw her whole street burning. She rushed inside and fetched her arrows, armour and sword. She whistled for her unicorn but he didn’t come.

“Over there!” A goblin screamed in his horrible guttural voice. “There’s another one!”

Suddenly a dozen goblins advanced on Sonya. She closed her eyes to calm her mind. She shot one single arrow that immediately killed six goblins. The mindless fiends kept on running towards her and more joined in. The arrow returned back to Sonya. She knew she didn’t have enough time to shoot it again. Sonya unsheathed her husbands battle sword. Twenty goblins joined in the fight. She swung the sword and again, ten goblins’ heads went flying in the air. Soon her whole street was filled with horrible green goblins hungry for Sonja’s blood. Her fury and anger came out of her as she slashed countless goblins grotesque bodies. But she was getting tired and if she didn’t retreat soon, she would be overcome by the sheer number of these monsters.

Sonja was now in trouble, there were goblins in all directions. She tried her best to fend them off but she couldn’t keep up with the hundreds of goblins gaining on her. Eventually she closed her eyes and drew the sword close to her heart. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a dozen elves came on unicorns and fended off the swarm of goblins and one of them grabbed Sonya and helped her up on their unicorn. The elves ascended into the sky high above the black smoke where the morning sun shone bright. That’s when Sonya saw the extent of the damage that these monsters caused. She was too exhausted to notice who these elves were. The dozen unicorns carried the surviving elves towards the mountains.





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