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The following is a work of fiction.

If anyone finds this message, please turn around and get out. This place is pure evil. I lost my crew about a week ago. Actually, I don’t know when I lost touch with them. Time runs weirdly here. Its been pitch black like its midnight for as long as I can remember. There are no stars in the sky. I have been walking in this forest for a month without food or water but somehow, I have not passed out and somehow, I have enough energy just to suffer this hell. If you find this, I urge you to turn around and just go back.

I really believe that I might have ended up in hell. This place amplifies your dark thoughts. It keeps on reminding me of my insecurities, my guilt and everything I regret about my life. Something is following me about ten to fifteen metres behind. It has red eyes, and I can hear and smell its terrible breathing, but it doesn’t quite catch up to me. I have no bearing of where I am right now. I can feel that there’s people or something, but I can see them. I have lost all hope of getting out. I truly believe that I have died and ended up in hell. It’s as if this forest just wants to torment me.

I can see figures in the distance but they never answer back when I try to speak to them and simply disappear like a mist. I have no way of recording what I’m experiencing right now. I lost all my equipment. I just pray that my two crew members are ok. Everything about what I am seeing and hearing is unsettling and they don’t want you to get used to it.

Every now and then, it appears to be dawn and starts to get light then within minutes, becomes pitch black again. I can only see few metres in front of me.

Like I said, if you are reading this, please, turn around and run back to town. What I’m going through is definitely not worth getting views online. Please just turn around and go!

Cody picked up a piece of paper with these words written on it. It looked as thing it was written in the dark and he couldn’t make out exactly what they were trying to say. He could only make out
“turn around and go!” clearly. He was excited to make a video about the “Dark Forest”, it was the most popular topic on the net right now. He folded the piece of dirty paper and place it in his pocket and turned on his camera and started vlogging. “ok guys, I just icked up a creepy ass piece of paper…”

“Cody!” Emma yelled at him, “catch up will you!”

Cody ran to catch up to his fellow paranormal content makers Emma and Christian.




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