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I’ve been having trouble sleeping for a while now and tonight was no exception. I didn’t know what time it was, I got rid of all distractions from my room and made it sound and light proof. It helped a little, I eventually fell into light sleep for a little while just before morning. I tried everything out there from teas to meditation with miniscule results. I remembered going to bed about an hour ago, or could’ve been three, I had no notion of time in this complete silence and darkness. The room was so quiet that I could hear my own heartbeat which was a little scary to be honest. In the pitch blackness, I wasn’t sure if my eyes were open or closed.

Then a peculiar thing happened. The room filled with sunlight which poured through the window. It was the middle of winter, and the room never got this bright at this time of the year. It was my room, except, it wasn’t. I got out of bed and looked out the big window. There was a beach only twenty metres away. I opened the window and stepped out on to the balcony. The sun was warm, and the sea breeze soothed me. I stepped onto the sand and walked towards the water. I had no idea where I was, maybe Hawaii, I was remember going there as a kid with my family. There wasn’t anyone on the beach. I looked back at my room which was just a black cube floating in the air.

The big cube then just floated away then finally disappeared. It wasn’t something I didn’t see every day.

I turned back to the sea. I took my t-shirt off and decided to take a dip. As I walked towards the water, I saw in the distance a giant wave. It looked hundreds of metres high. Before I could even react, the giant wall of water swept everything in sight including me. Somehow, I survived. I was submerged in the cold water and kept my eyes tightly shut.

Somehow, I could breathe in the water.

Slowly, I opened my eyes. Things were getting weirder by the second. I was in space and saw Earth straight ahead and the moon to my right. I rationalised that, the massive wave must have flung me into orbit. Again, somehow, I was still alive. It was quite a sight seeing the planets right in front of me. I’ve never seen Jupiter like this, it was beautiful. I tried to fly around in space, but I couldn’t. Then, slowly at first, I began floating back to Earth. Within seconds, I picked up speed that I never felt before. I was a bullet shooting towards Earth at the speed of light.

I pierced through the atmosphere, and I could see my house. I was extremely heavy and light at the same time. Then I saw the roof of my house and braced for impact. I closed my eyes again. I felt myself crash through the roof.

I kept my eyes closed.

Eventually, I opened my eyes. It was pitch black again. I was back in my dark room.


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