Dooms Day Device - A flash fiction short story.

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Damien Jones had finally done it! He created the world’s first quantum computer. He had dedicated his whole life to it. He was fired from his job as a head of engineering from the biggest tech company Pear Computers. This ugly looking hunk of machine in front of him cost him his life savings, marriage and he was on the wanted list in a dozen countries, but it was all worth it. This was more than a computer. With the enough juice he gave the experimental chips that he’s acquired from his dodgy connections from where ever, the Frankenstein looking machine did what every computer in the world can never achieve: communicate with the past and future.

Jones’ hands were shaking uncontrollably.

He was looking at a black screen with a flickering cursor. For the last two hours, he’s been in contact with someone fifteen years from now. He didn’t know who this person was or how he came to know his intimate details about him, but this person was giving him information that was unavailable in the present moment. To prove that this person was legit, Jones did very simple tests, obviously involving money. In two hours, Jones made ten million Euros based on the information and instructions from his new friend from the future.

The mysterious friend told him that they were onto him now. Whenever there’s money involved, there are always uninvited guests involved. Jones was feeling more alive that he’s ever felt before, but his new friend on the computer screen told him that he had exactly five minutes before several bad men armed to the teeth would be coming crashing through his basement door and he had to get out in two.

Jones suddenly felt a great deal of regret for communicating with the future, but it seemed that it was too late. Jones told him that he was in a bunker and there was only one way in or out. The new friend told him to calm down and check the black case that Jones did not remember placing under his desk. He opened it. Inside was two serious looking pistol, three passports and what appeared to be an explosive.

“You have one minute to take the guns, passports and implant the bomb in the computer and walk out through that door behind you!” The screen read.

Jones did not put a doorway behind him, yet when he turned around, there was a door already opened.

“I should’ve stuck to my cushy job” Jones thought to himself as he obliged to the instructions.




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