Daily Life In Dante City For The Non-Citizens

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The following is a concept for the upcoming sci-fi noir novel The Night Detective coming Christmas 2023.

Daily Life In Dante City For The Non-Citizens

For the ones living on the street level (known as Tier 1 Zone) or lower, life is a daily challenge. Most of the people in the Tier 1 Zone have to fend for themselves. They are classified as non-citizens and do not have the access to basic things like medical, law enforcements etc. Apart from the decrepit subway system that runs deep into the ground, there are essentially no infrastructure for the twenty million people living in this zone. Obviously, there are no jobs as there is no government-created economic infrastructure for these people. Banking system is not available.

This didn’t mean that the so-called non-citizens lived in poverty, helplessness or some sort of hell. The human spirit always finds a way to live, no matter how difficult. Surprisingly, crime rate is no higher than the zones several levels up. They have formed their own judicial system, medical centres amongst other organisations that a human society needs. As long as there is internet connection, the people of Zone 1 found a way to make a living and eat for the day. A pure from of free market was created, and the people of Zone 1 have been living this way for over a century now.

One thing that the people of Zone 1 hasn’t seen is the sunlight. Most of the buildings in Dante city range between five hundred metres to a kilometre high, thereby blocking off any direct sunlight to Zone 1. Still, the people of Zone 1 got by just fine without the sun.

It appears to be dusk at all times of the day in Zone 1. During the day, though direst sunlight does not quite reach the ground, it bounces off the thousands of skyscrapers above and provides some light. At night, the countless neon billboards above provide eerie electric pink and blue light source. Despite these limitations, the good people of Zone 1 make survive and thrive.

The novel The Night Detective coming Christmas 2023.

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