Daily Blog 18th May 2023 My Fitness Advise: Just Start Moving

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Blog 18th May 2023

Title: Just Start Moving

Hi guys, welcome to my daily blog about what’s going through my mind. Today’s topic is on exercise and healthy living. There are too many contents on the internet where these jacked up models preach about lifting to failure (whatever that means) or eating keto blah blah blah. These things are all just entertainment and I don’t think are actionable advises. I’m in no position to give any health advise as I’m on the journey myself. But what I can say with certainty is to start somewhere. So about two months back, I decided to go to the gym 3 times a week where I simply move my body for about an hour per session. The goal wasn’t and still isn’t to get jacked. My goal for going to the gym right now is to get into a routine and to tell myself that, this is what I do now. There’s no strict days that I have to go, but I consciously make a note that this week, I have to go to the gym three times a week. And that seems to be working. In the past, I used to literally go every day for a week, tire myself out then not do anything physical for two months. But after a lot of trial and error, I found that little do-able actions work the best for me.

Also, when I’m in the gym, I don’t go too crazy either. I usually use dumb bells that I can manage. I don’t know the terms and names of these moves, as I’m not a gym guy. So, I just spend about thirty minutes using dumb bells followed by few basic moves with those kettle bells (again I don’t know the fancy names). My point is that anyone can just start somewhere and you don’t have to have this grand goal. I don’t really understand gym junkies trying to get as jacked as they can. Are they trying to be the next Arnie and get a movie deal or something. If that’s their plan, it’s a terrible one. Also, literally no one gives a damn about your muscles in this day and age of self-absorption. So, if I can give any advise on why you should work out, it’s to get your body moving and the blood flowing. And if you do that long enough, you will see some improvement in your fitness and physique. For me, that’s more than what I can ask of myself.

Also, I try to do what I can and when I can. For me even, walking to the shops instead of driving is a little workout, or walking around the block couple of times is a way to shed few calories. All I’m saying is every little bit helps you know. Again, I’m not preaching anything or suggesting that people follow my thing, cos it’s not really a thing. We all can just do a little bit, if you want to, you know, get slightly fitter or get more out of your day. You don’t have to go all out and get jacked.

Anyway guys, I rambled on for long enough, talk you tomorrow.



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