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Daily Blog Wednesday 14th June 2023

Welcome to my daily blog. Today’s blog is a fiction titled “Coffee”.  My debut science fiction novel The Night Detective (working title) is coming December 14th 2023. Tune into for more information.


The hot cup of black coffee soothed her trembling cold hands. It was her morning routine, brew a fresh pot and drink it out of her five-year-old daughter’s, plastic unicorn cup. She hated coffee but her husband drank it without fail every morning. This was her way of remembering them, this ritual. The scent of the fresh brew lingered the apartment all morning. She drank it slowly, the bitterness eased her pain, that never went away. Her and two million other families lost someone they loved, about six months ago when the shootings and explosions started without any warnings. It was her turn to drop off her daughter at school that morning when she had to take a call from work and her husband happily took little Sophie. She didn’t even say goodbye when they left. The violence outside didn’t stop since the day her family disappeared. She can still see them in her dreams. TV, internet, radio and every form of communication were cut off. She became a prisoner in her own home along with everyone else in the city, maybe the world. She survived on rations dropped off by some soldiers once a week. She prayed to whoever was listening that her husband and Sophie was safe and well somewhere. She missed her so much.

There was a knock on the door. She usually was brought food and supplies on Thursdays. Today was Tuesday. She slowly approached her front door and opened it. Her heart began pounding. It was Sophie and her husband standing in front of her.


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