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Her family were executed a week ago, the mother, father and little Maddie. The seventeen-year-old Cate was badly beaten, deprived of food and water for the better part of the month. Nine o’clock on Saturday was designated for executing witches. Cate was a daughter of John Smith a respected member of community, a farmer. The Smiths were well liked by the little town Morton in Vermont. That all changed about two months ago when someone accused Cate of witchcraft. It was a cold Saturday morning like today. Cate loved helping her father at the markets. She laid out various herbs and spices that people seemed to like. Her father let her keep the money she earned from selling the herbs so that she can buy those boots from Mrs Hawking.

Her fresh garlic was talk of the town. Townsfolk who had the sniffles lined up for an hour to clean out her stock. She enjoyed seeing the people on Saturdays. She loved reading books that her father gave her. She had learnt to cure ailments just buy eating the right herbs. The word got out that she was an expert in treating various discomforts from tooth aches to indigestion. Cate made a name for herself. Even the mayor benefited from her services.

That all ended abruptly when an unknown person accused her of witchcraft and brought the councillors who arrested her and confiscated her herbs for evidence. The trial and punishment for witchcraft was swift and brutal. The only thing required for accusing someone of witchcraft was an accuser and a witness. Cate’s entire family joined her in that nightmarish dungeon. The trial lasted for less than an hour when they reached the guilty verdict. They dragged Cate’s family out in the middle of the night.

Cate prayed that she woke up from this horrible dream.

She hasn’t eaten in a week.

The smell of her cell was unbearable and pitch black. She kept on praying to God or who ever was listening to her. Suddenly the door to the dungeon opened. Two large men came into her cell and picked her up like a rag doll. One of them put on a black bag over her head and the two carried her outside. At first the cold hit her like a hammer. She was only wearing the nightgown that her mother made for her. She heard the towns people yelling all sorts of profanities at her as she was being tied to the stake. Cate was actually glad that her suffering was coming to and end and she hoped to see her beautiful family soon.

She felt the heat of the fire that was lit underneath her feet. For a few seconds the warmth comforted her. But soon, the flames grew, and the heat was starting to hurt her. The people were screaming with such anger that she couldn’t understand.

Cate was afraid and she clenched her eyes.

The mania continued for what sounded like an eternity. Eventually, Cate realised that something wasn’t quite right. Suddenly, silence. The flame under her seemed to have died down. She was no longer tied to the wooden post. She slowly took off the bag over her head.

Everyone was no where to be seen. Cate was confused. She came down from the pile of wood. Right in front of her were her favourite boots and a thick winter coat. She swiftly put them on.

She walked around the market for few minutes. Not one soul was to be seen.

She slowly turned around. Her family were all standing there, smiling at her.



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