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Burger And Fries

No other food comes to mind that is more universal than the humble burger and chips/fries. A simple assembly of minced beef, soft buns and the option of cheese, ketchup, lettuce and tomato has the ability to bring the entire humanity together. The UN should put the burger and fries on their f-ing flag and we wouldn’t have so much of the world problems. Anyway, you can go to the most random place on Earth and grab a stranger and ask them if they’ve heard of the cheeseburger and they’ll look at you like you’re under the influence. What I’m saying is, no one can name any another food that is this undoubtedly familiar. Well, one other icon could be the pizza (I’ll cover the pizza in another passionate article).

I can’t remember the first time I ate a burger, could’ve been the golden arch or a local milk bar, not too sure. But every time I order one or two at a drive through, fine restaurant or make my own smash burgers at home, that feeling you get is pure joy. The mouth feel of your teeth cutting through the buns, followed by the meat, the umami cheese, sauce and pickle (if you didn’t pick them off beforehand). Personally, I’m a pickle guy, you need the salty acid to give you a bit of a kick. I ate burgers all over the world and every time eat a burger and fries in another country, I feel that the future is bright for us. We all bleed the same and eat the same burger. I don’t mean to get all emotional about fast food but as I was eating a cheese burger from a local joint I had this little epiphany. The burger can take you back in time to that happy moment when it was just you and your pillow of goodness.

Even the word “Burger” has a kind of a comforting vibe. I’m not gonna talk about the history of burgers, as it’s a common knowledge at this point. I just wanted to express my joy that this food exists and is in my life. No one ever says that they don’t like the hamburger. If you’re stuck for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas with your friends and loved ones and say “hey, lets grab a burger”, guess what, everyone’s into it. Again, one other food that can challenge the burger could be the pizza (Burger V Pizza coming soon).

A good burger can put you instantly in a good mood, that’s a proven fact, look it up. I’m also thankful that no one owns the I.P on the burger and it’s accessible to everyone and any moment. It’s the only truly democratic object.

I just wanted to share my little thought on how much I love the hamburger and fries/chips. Now I’m off to the gym to burn off the thousand calories of goodness.


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