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Title: Sunday

Sunday has a special vibe. It’s a day of relaxation, recharge and daydreaming. The days in Sydney are starting to get shorter and colder now. I love Sundays for many reasons. On Sundays, nothing matters, no stress, no rush and time seems to not matter. I used to dread this time of the year when the sun sets at 5 pm and the temperature dropped to uncomfortable levels. In the recent months, I’ve learnt to embrace the cold and the dark and when grown is done. I used to get into a hibernation mode and write off May to August by kind of zoning out and wait for the warmer months to roll around. This year is a little different. I’m embracing the cold and the dark. I made a conscious decision to wake up super early to get work done, make plans for the days, weeks and months ahead. You see, I’m learning that the conditions in life will never be perfect and if you wait for the right moment, then you’ve waited too long and wasted a lot of your life. So this winter, I’m going to embrace the cold and the dark by doubling down on my life plans: get in shape, start that business, find the love of my life and maintain happiness.

The thing is I used to just wait for spring and summer to come around then, I’d be like “now what?”. Warmer months zips by as quickly as the cold ones. What I’ve been actually doing all my life is use the season as an excuse to not take action. Then when the weather and conditions improved, I still didn’t take action. I’ve just been procrastinating and blamed the seasons for my lack to progress in life. This year is a little different. I’ve learnt to accept the season, weather, situation, night/day and what ever external situation I’m currently in. I’ve learnt to lean into the discomfort, the fear and uncertainty.

My personal reality is nothing to do with the external. What ever the moment, it always passes and the present is a forever changing state of mind. So, as I sit here at my laptop, typing this blog, I’ve accepting the fact that what ever I’m doing has nothing to do with what’s happening around me. There will always be external catastrophes and if I wait for them to pass, I will have missed out on all opportunities. There is no such thing as perfect moment, ideal condition in life. I’ve reached that mindset where I no longer want things to be perfect and easy. I’ve embraced the difficult, uncomfortable and even unpleasant.

I’ve spent far too much of my life pursuing the easy, comfortable and indulgent life. All that led to was a life of pointless consumption of food, fast fashion and generally wasting my time and money. What I can be thankful is that I didn’t fall victim to addiction to really nasty things. Somehow, as this winter is approaching fast, I’m taking a stand to take control of my life regardless of whatever is going on outside.

Here are the ways I’m taking control. I’ve always wanted to write a series of novels that I didn’t have the discipline to complete. But starting right now, I’m going to punch out the words, one at a time until they are complete. I’ve even given myself a deadline 5th November 2023 to have the final draft ready. Whether they get published or not is beside the point. The point will be that, I routinely and ritualistically sat down day by day and worked on something and completed it.

Another challenge is to start a blog and write daily. Right now, I’m publishing the blogs on this online store, but I’m planning on building a separate website just for blogging and other content. Gone are the days when I’ll wake up and spend the days doing random things and just blame it on the season and weather.

I’m also interested in working in the movie industry and few years back, I had the pleasure of getting a little taste of it. This year, I’m going take it a little more seriously and put myself out there.

So there you have it guys, that’s just few of my plans I’m putting into action as of right now.

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to tomorrow.



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