Blog 26th May 2023 - What Is Pound Of Wonder?

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Blog Friday 26th May 2023

What is Pound Of Wonder?

Hello Fellow Pounders,

Welcome to my daily blog. Today, I’ll be addressing what exactly Pound Of Wonder is. I started the website back in 2018 as an online store with six T-Shirts. Then for the next three years, it remained dormant not knowing what it is or what it wants to be. But every day, it was figuring itself out. I’ve always wanted to design my own T-shirts that people loved. And for a while I did sell tees that I designed. But, for the last six months or so, I’ve been thinking to myself, Pound Of Wonder should aim a little higher than just trying to flip tees. My passions in life are T-shirts, storytelling, novels and movies. So, I’ve been chewing on this idea day and night for the last four years since the inception of the website. The T-shirts will stay as I love designing graphics that people love.

The next part is the exciting part.

I will be writing and publishing flash fiction in the blog section everyday as well as my daily blogs. I have infinite supply of stories that are popping to just get out in the world. These will be super short stories that are under a thousand words long and can be read in a minute. On top of that, I am working on five novels that I’ll be publishing this Christmas.

I love making sequences and little movies. These will be posted on YouTube on weekly basis starting next week. There are exciting times ahead for Pound Of Wonder. Then later in the year, will be modified and upgraded and be more content forward and the tees are going to live in the merch section. Pound Of Wonder is finally taking shape into more of a content creator. I’m really excited to announce that over the next months and years, Pound Of Wonder will be publishing and posting original written and video content that hopefully you guys will love. Tune into and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and subscribe to the YouTube channel for daily and weekly content.

Thanks guys for reading and talk to you tomorrow.



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