Beach Day

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Beach Day

It was another picture-perfect day. We made it down to our private spot, Shelley Beach. No one  knew about this small beach that was tucked away from view. It was heaven. The water was the kind of blue that was almost alien, bright turquoise. The pure white sand looked as though it was a computer rendering. Time stood still when we were here. As usual, the beach was completely void of people, just the way we like it. The weather was always perfect here, even in the middle of icy winter.

We laid our stuff on the sand and went down to the water for a dip. It was perfect.

I came across Shelley Beach by accident when I was seventeen, one stormy night when I took the wrong turn and crashed my car. The local media covered my story for a month. Apparently, I was missing and presumed dead until I just turned up unscathed two years later, appearing to not even have aged. But I spent less than an hour here before making my way back to my wrecked car. The press didn’t believe me when I told them about the beach. Even my family told me not to come down here saying that there’s nothing here but a forest and a swamp. No one believed me when I showed them the videos of Shelley Beach. It was their loss.

Since I discovered this amazing place, I’ve been coming down whenever I had free time. It was Sunday, and the rest of the city was blisteringly cold with frozen, icy roads and most people were stuck indoors. But here we were, on the beach getting some much-needed sun. We laid on the sand looking up at the blue sky. I looked up towards the dense trees that was the only entrance to the Shelley Beach. I didn’t quite know the location of this place. I stopped looking it up on the map a long time ago. As far as the world was concerned, Shelley Beach didn’t exist.

After about two hours, we decided that it was enough for today and started packing up. That’s when I saw a boat in the distance. My friend told me not to worry too much about it and we began to walk back to the forest to get back to our car. Then the boat sounded its horn as to get our attention.

We kept on walking, but the boat kept up the horn. We stopped and looked back. The boat was much closer to the sand. I was a little tired and was just keen to get back home. The boat then stopped twenty metres from the sand dune and a woman jumped off and made her way straight for us.

I didn’t recognise the woman. She was around thirty, attractive and I was a little unnerved.

She appeared to be in a hurry to tell us something. When she finally stood in front of us, she said:

“You need to come with me right now!”


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