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He finally made it to the beach. He sat here for a moment watching his beautiful wife and girls. They looked so happy splashing in the water. The hot sun felt good on his face. He realised that he was still wearing his black, bloodied suit. He started taking it off. Blood tricked down from the bullet wound on his left shoulder. Just a grade he thought. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt the sun, it seemed to heal him. He threw his suit behind him and sat back down. The entire beach was empty except for his family in front of him. The sun was directly above them. The kids deserve to be finally happy after what they went through he thought. They were good kids. His wife was a good woman. 

He’s never been here before. He couldn’t see the ends on either side of the waves. It was quite a view. His wounds disappeared and his broken left hand seemed to be healed. He looked behind him. You can never be too careful if you’re a night detective. There weren’t anything but dunes. Everything was going to be ok. 

He was getting a little hungry. When the kids are done playing he knew a great little dinner not far from here. 

He was glad to see them like this. They can finally put the last two years behind them. Finally, they seemed to be done playing in the water. His youngest turned around. That’s when that cold thing hit him. Her face had no features. His hands began trembling uncontrollably. His wife and the older child also turned around. They became pixelated as they slowly walk towards him.

The sky became pitch black but he could still feel the hot sun, but not for too long. The sun also became pixelated before fading. Soon, the beach was reduced down to an outline, like a pencil drawing on a blackboard.

He then realised that he was shot in that alleyway as he was fleeing the goons. He remembered passing out the shot to his back. He remembered everything.

Suddenly, he felt ice cold water being doused on him. He was naked, sitting on an old wooden chair with his torso bound to it. He felt like swallowing his tongue from the intense pain. He prayed that this was also another dream. Another ice cold water was douse on him followed by a punch to his face that felt like he was hit with a mallet. 


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