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Friday 2:00 pm


It’s been a week since Jessica Malone was reported missing. The whole town had been taking shifts around the clock in search of the seventeen year old. This was a quiet little country town and nothing like this had ever happened. Everyone knew each other and looked out for one another. Mrs Malone fainted the day Jessica was reported missing and was taken the the hospital.


The police brought in the special detectives from the city to search the old abandoned asylum where Jessica and her school went for a school excursion last Friday. About a hundred men in tactical gear and plain clothes surrounded the old creepy asylum, taking pictures and the like.


No one knows the nature of that old asylum. There weren’t any documents of it actually being an asylum. There were dozens of urban legends as to what the five storey mansion but they were just speculations. Four police men armed with machine guns went in through the front door like in the movies. I didn’t know the situation was this serious. At first I thought Jessica was just playing around. But now the whole state was involved with guns and what not.


Last Friday 4pm


Jessica and few her classmates decided to stay and explore the asylum after the excursion. Her teacher Mrs Gooding urged her not to stay too long as it was getting dark. Jessica reassured her that they won’t be too long and went in. It was actually quite a beautiful building. There weren’t even sure if it was an asylum. The floor of the foyer was laid with marble that stretch all the way up the spiralling stairway. It almost looked as though people lived here.


“Hey Jess! We’d better get back, Mrs Gooding’s right, it’s starting to get dark and the last bus will be here in twenty minutes” Sally said as she stopped half way up the stairway.


“Let’s just look around for ten minutes then we’ll go ok?” Jessica said


“Me and Louise will wait for you at the bus stop, we’ve kind of had enough. See you in ten”


“Suit yourself” Jessica said as she looked at Tom. Tom was easily persuaded by Jessica. He followed her up the stairs to find a very large living room. It was decked with beautiful antique looking furniture curtains and the whole nine yards. Tom was convinced that someone lived here.


“Hey Jess, we should go, I feel like we’re trespassing. This is like someone house you know.”


Jessica ignored him as she walked through the beautiful room. Tom reluctantly followed her behind. Suddenly they heard the front door slam shut. Tom was starting to get creeped out.


“It’s just the wind, Tom. Don’t be a wuss. Five more minutes then we’ll go”


Jessica saw an endless hallway to her left. She didn’t think the house was that big but whatever. Tom was staring to get worried and decided the turn around. He quickly ran down the spiralling stairway. He was pretty sure that as he rushed he was a woman sitting in a chair dressed in an old Victorian style dress with a displeased look on her face. Now he was officially scared.


“Jess! If you know what’s good for you, you’d better follow me outta here” Tom yelled as he ran down the stairs.


Friday 2:15pm Today


The police men in tactical gear slowly made their way up the marble stairway. The stair way looked about three hundred years old. The whole area smelled like it hasn’t had fresh air in a century. At the top of the stairway was no different. The furniture and the decor was a set of a horror movie. The stale smell was getting stronger by the second. It was sunny outside with few hours of daylight left but the interior received no light despite all the curtains being drawn. The four men signed each other and split into two teams of two. Two men went down the hall way and the other two made their way to the window. Something was very wrong about this house. Out side the window was a scenery that the men did not expect. It was as if they’ve travelled back in time. They saw people in old style clothes and horse buggies busily going about their way. It was like watching a moving painting.


“Sir, somethings wrong, we should abort” One of the men said quietly into the radio.

There were no answer.


The other team slowly made their way down the hallway opening each creaky door searching for Jessica and her friend Tom. They were empty expect for the rotting furniture and carpet. There  were about five doors on either side of the hallway. One door left to open on this floor. The man in tactical gear was nervous as he opened the equally creaky old door.


The men couldn’t believe what they saw…


To be continued…



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